Tilting Holding Furnaces

Tilting Holding Furnaces

Product Description

Function: Aluminum and ingot heat preservation and refine
Form: Fixed rectangle and hydraulic pressure tilting
Working temperature of furnace
Aluminum liquid temperature from mouth: 720-760 degrees
Aluminum liquid temperature difference from mouth: ≤3 degreess(refine, stirring end)
Fuel: Electricity, natural gas, diesel, LPG, coal gas

The maximum angle of inclination of tilting holding furnace: 30o

Temperature controlled: Using the resistance furnace silicon controlled supply power for chamber and liquid aluminum temperature controlled automatic and display the record, Using gas oil furnace measure fire and control automatic the furnace and liquid aluminum temperature continuous measure and record.
Adopts hydraulic tilting furnace: It can converted injection as the aluminum liquid is full and obviously reduce casting for liquid aluminum impact of secondary slag and inhale; Because of the surface high temperature aluminum liquid is outflow(the temperature is higher than the bottom about 10-30 degrees), it can reduce casting temperature and energy consumption, burning and inspiratory, also can be more precise control of casting temperature.
The signal feedback by launders liquid lever sensor and adjust speed by PLC control proportional valve to achieve water casting automation.

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