Aging Oven

Aging Oven

Product Description

The aluminum shape should be carried out aging treatment after extruding and forming, the purpose is to improve the intensity of the aluminum alloy shape and benefit to operation, storage and transportation for the after procedures, and also for normal usage of the clients. The aging treatment is finished in the aging oven.

The Aging oven is consisted of four main components as oven body, the feed cart, hot wind system and electrical control.

The oven body is a large space with steel materials; The oven has door and back wall enclosure to form space in which the hot wind and aluminum shape will have heat exchanging. The outer surface will adopt A3 steel plate welded continuously and strengthen with shaped steel, which have enough intensity and airproof features. And adopts the special oil painting, the oven is beautiful and practical. The inner surface plate will adopt steel plate, in order to apply in thermal deformation within normal temperature to 250 degrees.

The oven door will be designed as lead rail, sealing door as the dead weight ensure the hot air will not leak out when heating. The oven door will be open and close by cycloidal-pin reducer and with counter balance making use of the self-lock of the hoisting machine to prevent the door from dropping and ensure safe operation.

The feed cart is welding by profiled bar, it heating in the furnace, and drive by traction chain through cyclical pin wheel reducer and chain wheel, and feed cart travels along the rail, stable and reliable. The track and feed cart make and install by the buyer.

The oven heating adopts gas type burner, the heated air is transported into the oven by double circulation blower and spurts to the waiting for heating molding through the disport wind inlet. The smoke discharge through the chimney, maintains normal burning. The inside temperature is measured by the thermocouple which is distributed reasonably at front and back, top and bottom of aging oven, and controls the firepower.


NO Item type
1 Chamber size On requests
2 Highest appliance temperature 250 degrees
3 Temperature difference after heat-preservation ≤5 degrees.
4 Rise temperature time ≤2hr
5 Heat preservation time According tech. Request
6 Fuel NG, LPG, diesel, electricity
7 Max burning capacity
8 Installation power capacity 30-230kw
9 Wagon size On requests
10 Wagon quantity 6-24
11 Burner model RS28-RS70
12 Blower power 11-220kw

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