Melting Furnace

Melting Furnace

Product Description

The characteristic of burning system

1)The best pipeline disposal\intelligent zed controlled system and the expert technical workers' debugging to ensure the steady saving energy.
2)The best provide and bring wind system, ensure the smoke exulted through the bring wind system and avoid the furnace door burned.
3)Intelligent zed controlled system ensure the system working according to the economy mode in the cooling furnace\hot furnace and high temperature.
4)Intelligent zed controlled process ensure the easily operation\simply\safety and couldn't worry accident by the mistake.
5)The ant ignition controlled and the monitor fire system, couldn't ignite by man and avoid the black smoke dirty your workshop.
6)It may extend lifespan of the system due to the configuration structure design (for example: Muzzle).
7)One couple Oil Gun working by turns, it avoid the continuance high temperature and ensure the losing reducing evidently.
8)About 900 degrees combustion-supporting increases the furnace temperature and shorten the time of melting aluminum accordingly.
9)The recycle of the caloric in the high temperature smoke reducing the consumption of fuel, and it can save oil 10~30% if compares with the old one.

3. The equipment composing and characteristic
1)structure form
1.1 Two type: Fixing and tilting
1.2 Top construction: Flat, vault and round top
1.3 Furnace shape: Square ness and round
1.4 Furnace door: Straight and tilting
2)The furnace structure is jointing by A3 steel plate and shaped steel. Furnace bottom adopts I beam and channel steel as frame, frame sealing 8-10mm A3 plate. The furnace side USES I beam and channel steel, the frame sealed 8-10MMA3 plates. All of the frame and still plate interface welded, good rigidity and tightness. The furnace door frame welded by channel and steel plate.
3)Refractory material:
The melting pool and furnace bottom is built by high quality seep-resist aluminum brick. Over the melting pool adopts high quality third class alumina brick, the out insulation use 20mm aluminum silicate stick on the armor plate and then masonry diatomite insulating brick. The thickness of furnace wall is 500mm.
The furnace door and burner port adopt steel fiber pouring material.
4)Furnace door and lifting drive
The furnace door welded 10MMA3 board and welded in griddling type, fill in cotton and low cement high-strength concrete pouring materials, sealing surface flatness, to fit with the seal of furnace, the structure is simple and practical. The door with a weight tray jointing by rope or chain. After the door and weight tray jointing, the both weight just balance, the door stopped random in travel. The lifting motion is hydraulic or windlass.
5)heating system
The furnace has one set regenerative burning system.
The burning system is controlled automatic to ensure the temperature of aluminum water is controlled in enactment more or less 3 degrees. When up to the enactment temperature it will stop and ignition automatic.

4. Equipment parameter
1)Furnace application: Melting aluminum ingot and holding.
2)The furnace body is 8-10mm armor plate and shaped steel
3)Melting pool adopt the first-degree aluminum brick; Outer adopts lightweight heat preservation brick.
4)Capacity: 2-60tons/furnace (aluminum water)
5)The dimension of pool: ON REQUEST
6)The depth of pool: About 650mm
7)Structure form: Tilting vault block furnace
8)Fuel: Natural gas, heavey oil, diesel, LPG, coal gas
9)Burning capacity: 6, 000, 000Kcal/h (max)
10)Piece consumption: : 510, 000-680, 000 Kcal/h /T
11)Melting speed: 4-7t/h
12)Air preheat temperature: 800-1100 degrees
13)Exhaust smoke temperature: <200 degrees
14)Burning form: One coupe muzzle burning by turns
15)control type: PLC(automatic or manual)
16)the furnace side temperature: Room temperature+45 degrees

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