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Hydraulic straightener
Lidded aluminum melting furnace
Main Features:
Being used to eliminate billet′s interior stress, reduce segregation, enhance plasticity and reduce extrusion pressure.
Capacity: 1535Tons/Batch
Application ...
Charging skip die furnace
Box type die heater

Foshan TongRun Aluminum Equipment Co., Ltd is mainly producing Aging Oven, Melting Furnace, Homogenizing, Die Oven, Single Draught, Multiple Billets Hot ...
Volume: 2~50 ton of aluminium
Shape of oven: Rectangular oven, large tilt charging oven port at its side; Round oven, charging at the top.
Speed of melting: 9 ton/hour (max) ...
Oil heated aluminum melting furnace
Coal burning aluminum melting furnace
Burner of regenerative furnace
Simple box type die furnace
Main Features:
The main application of it is for curing treatment for finished products
Keep even temperature in the furnace with hot air circulation design
Heat insulating ...
Aluminum section spraying production line
Aluminium section finished stock saw